How to Save Lots of Money If You’re a Big Spender 1 year ago

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How to Save Money Fast. Saving money isn’t easy, especially for shopping fans who have almost zero self-control. Fortunately, there is a solution for those big spenders who want to save money quickly.
All you have to do is follow some simple tips and methods that can help you save more and spend less in no time. The 24-hour rule, no-spend month, buy and save secret and other saving rules will help you reach your financial goals quickly.

Save your loose change. 0:45
Apply the 24-hour rule. 1:44
Turn your bad habits into savings. 3:08
Pay yourself first. 4:19
Have a no-spend month. 5:15
How to buy and save. 6:31
Save in stages. 7:45


-“Saving a penny” can give you quite a result. Putting aside even $50 a year will help you build up a $500 emergency fund to help you if you suddenly lose your income.
-Give yourself 24 hours to think things through before buying something.
-Put aside a fixed amount of money for every bad habit that you have.
-“Pay yourself first” is a method that includes paying a part of your wage to yourself before you spend it on anything else.
-Make yourself a promise that you'll buy only necessities for the next 30 days. And this means that you have to make some changes in your everyday life too: walk or bike to work rather than driving, eat simpler homemade food, take lunch to work daily, or cut down your entertainment expenses by going for a walk in the park or exploring your city instead.
-Buy and save method is simple: you put aside a percentage of every purchase you make.
-Save a larger amount every week than you saved the week before. For example, start with $5. Next week, put aside $10, and then $15.

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